Book “Spoken English”

This course book “Spoken English” is aimed to provide all necessary facilities in order to help you to speak English. The course book contains 20 units covering topics that you face in everyday communication. Each unit contains useful vocabulary, speaking & grammar exercises, writing, reading and grammar parts. The tips at the end of each unit will be of use for everyone!
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The course book consists of the following:

  • 20 units
  • 30 grammar topics
  • 50 conversational topics
  • 120 exercises
  • 2000 words of active vocabulary
  • Access to audio & video materials
  • Access to Lingwiser App

Advantages of «Spoken English»

Everyone can use this book for self-study.

This course book contains useful vocabulary, speaking, writing, reading and grammar sections that are obviously enough for self-study.

Free access to online resources

The student can listen to the dialogues in authentic language. That will allow developing the oral skills and understanding of real speech

Free access to Lingwiser Premium App

It is much better to use the book together with the Lingwiser App for easy vocabulary memorizing and the video online course for more grammar explanations and exercises

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