Irregular Verbs Training Course


Memorize the TOP 100 most used English irregular verbs in a simple & easy way.



Do you want to memorise Irregular verbs quickly and easily?

This Irregular Verbs Course will help you memorise 100 commonly used English irregular verbs using both traditional approaches and singing.

Following the “see-hear-repeat” method, you will certainly remember irregular verbs forever! This method has been beneficial for students from all over the world.


This Irregular Verbs Training Course is specifically designed to help you memorise the 100 common irregular verbs using a unique blend of singing and traditional approaches.

Through the revolutionary “see-hear-repeat” method, you will effortlessly assimilate irregular verbs, ensuring long-lasting retention and recall. Witness the power of this proven method, which has gathered praise and positive feedback from countless students across the globe.

This Irregular Verbs Training Course enables learners to memorize the 100 most commonly used irregular verbs through practical exercises. The course begins with a general overview of English verbs, covering grammar, verb forms, and the contrast between regular and irregular verbs. You will also learn the rules for forming regular verbs in English and the pronunciation of -ed endings.

Then, you will practice irregular verbs using both traditional methods and the “see-hear-repeat” principle, ensuring rapid, long-term memorization.

Finally, the course provides you with a ready-made tool to summaries your knowledge of irregular verbs.

Learning outcomes:

Having completed this course, you will be able to:

  • Define and describe the basic grammatical rules of English verbs.
  • Identify and categorize regular and irregular verbs.
  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of the Top 100 most common used irregular verbs in the English language.
  • Enhance language accuracy by mastering the correct pronunciation of irregular verbs, both their past tense and past participle forms.
  • Build vocabulary and expand language proficiency through exposure to a wide range of irregular verbs and their usage in different contexts.
  • Improve your language fluency and communication skills by incorporating irregular verbs seamlessly into spoken and written English.


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