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What do you learn with this course to:

Pronounce correctly

sounds, words and phrases

Learn the correct way natives pronounce English words with clear instructions on how to position the tongue, lips and teeth. Learn how to pronounce words with little or no interference from your mother tongue.

Understand English

From British native speakers

Sometimes you entirely misinterpret native speakers because of the way they speak and their use of English. This course guides you through to enable you to understand fluent spoken English from Native speakers properly.

Speak English

with Ease

This course teaches you essential skillsets to be able to converse in English with proper grammar and tenses fluently!

Do you still Avoid Speaking because of your English pronunciation?

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What do you get?

25 Video lessons with a native speaker

Learn directly from a native British speaker course tutor – Emily. A certified teacher and an expert in teaching pronunciation, she will teach you from the basics and move up to the intermediate and expert level of English Pronunciation. Throughout study with her, lessons are fun, interactive, easy and highly educational and are taught with precise instructions on how to improve your pronunciation of English words to be just like a native!

50+ Interactive exercises

Explore over 50 fun-filled and interactive exercises. The exercises are designed specifically by experts to expand your English language communication skills through highly interactive and educational exercises such as: "Ladder", speech recording and karaoke. The events are specifically designed to polish your pronunciation and use of English.

100+ Bonus Materials

Learning never ends! To further improve your background knowledge, study and implementation of this language, we will include a variety of over 100+ bonus video lessons, materials, articles and books to help you study the intricacies of the language and broaden your understanding and fluency of the language. All materials are properly vetted to meet the requirements of basic learners of the language.

12 Months full access

You receive Annual access to our quality pronunciation course and unlimited access to your account and bonus database with regular updates! This package covers you all year round. You have full access to all the materials you need to improve your study further.

Online Course - Perfect English Pronunciation

  • 25 lessons
  • 50+ excersises
  • Native Speaker

Get this course just for 11.99$

I want a perfect pronunciation!

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4 Reasons to improve your English pronunciation

1. Build your confidence when speaking English

A lot of people shy out of situations or are rather mute because they feel embarrassed about speaking English. This is Often not necessarily due to improper usage of the language but the poor pronunciation of the words. They sound very weird, and most people can’t make out the message they are trying to convey. Learning to effectively and properly pronounce words will build up your speaking confidence as you can deliver your message in a clear and concise manner.

2. Effectively communicate with foreigners

A lot of non-English natives that learn the English language still face communication barriers when conversing with native speakers of the English language; this is often due to their pronunciation of words which makes them entirely lost trying to understand what they’re trying to say. You could have delivered a flawless English speech, however, if your pronunciation is way off, foreigners will not understand you, and this is a big communication problem. Often, they are confused and ask you to repeat yourself over and over again to understand you.

3. Understand Native English Speakers with ease

An in-depth study of the language is not enough to enable you to hold a conversation with a native when they talk; they speak fluently, and it flows with precision and anyone without a proper background of pronouncing English words will be entirely lost in translation. It would seem as if the Native speaker is speaking an entirely different language from English, whereas, this is just due to the inability to decipher correct English words through pronunciation. Most people fail to understand native speakers because they don’t know how most words are properly pronounced.

4. Build a Positive Image

Every good speaker of English is iconic in his way. It sets you aside from mediocrity and has a way of adding a special vibe to your glamour. Whether speaking publicly, attending work interviews, business negotiations, etc. you create a positive impression. Most people see people who can master English pronunciation proficiently as smart or intelligent, and you will pride in yourself whenever you talk.

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