How to improve speaking – Ways to improve your English

  1. The easiest way to improve your grammar is to talk more.
  2. Don’t translate from your own language. The translation isn’t always accurate. Also try to think in English for fluency.
  3. Don’t be afraid to get a question wrong! After all we learn best from our mistakes.
  4. Immerse yourself in English. Speaking is the best way to learn English. Put yourself in an environment where the only means of communication is English.
  5. Before you go somewhere, try to prepare yourself. Think about what someone might ask you and what the correct answer would be.
  6. Think before you talk. You might know the grammar, but you might not pronounce it correctly. So take a minute to gather your thoughts.
  7. Go to social areas to mix with people, and put your English skills to the test. Try out some bars/pubs, restaurants anywhere to engage in conversation.
  8. Initiate English conversations more often! You can read as many textbooks as you like but if you are not actively speaking English then it will hinder your progress. When doing so be sure to use listening terms such as “Tell me more…” or “How was that?”. This will help keep the conversation going.
  9. Try not to worry about your accent. Your accent is a part of you and your identity, and that’s great.
  10. There are many different places where the native language is English; Britain, America., South Africa, to name a few. They all have accents, but this doesn’t mean they are speaking incorrectly.
  11. If you want to sound more fluent when speaking English, try learning about intonation syllables and stress. This will stop you from sounding monotone.
  12. Get involved in debates, and listen actively. Study body language and expressions to help you with conversation, this is an important skill to learn. Listen to the tone to understand their point. Try and remember some words and phrases, maybe use a notepad.
  13. Try to be aware of words and phrases that might be different. In British English .it’s a car park and in American English it is a parking lot.
  14. Remember to use connectives for more fluency. Use phrases like, and, but, then, because.
  15. Watch English comedies. We learn better when attaching emotions to the things we want to remember. If you find a phrase or scene in the comedy funny you are more likely to remember aspects of it such as tone, pronunciation, and intonation.
  16. Study an English course in an English speaking country.
  17. If you have a speaking test or get nervous before speaking English, consider using a breathing technique to regulate your nerves.


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