How to get motivated to learn English!

  1. Try and be creative to keep you learning interesting. You learn much better when it isn’t a chore.
  2. If you feel you’re not learning, maybe you haven’t found the right learning technique. Try different methods to find what suits you best.
  3. Try and remember why you are learning. Are you going on holiday, studying for an exam, or do you just want to learn a new language? Keep this in mind for motivation.
  4. Go through what you have learnt – you will see how far you have come, and how easy your old material is.
  5. Review notes from the last lesson before going onto the next. This will help your form connections in your mind and keep everything you learned fresh.
  6. Age is just a number. Don’t use your age as a reason not to learn English, nobody is ever too old to learn.
  7. Learning English is like riding a bike – if you don’t practice you will never get better.
  8. At an advanced level, progress can often be slower. Do not let this discourage you, instead be encouraged by how much you have already learned. Evaluate your progress, focus in on your weaknesses and keep working hard.
  9. Remember! Learning languages require strong willing, time and effort!


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