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Lingportal Online School of English offers you a wide range of of courses, tolls and materials to learn english and reach the desired level:

Now you can master your English pronunciation at a convenient place and time that suit you. All you need is to practice regularly to become as an English pro in no time.

About Us


All of our courses are designed exclusively by certified teachers.


You get a guaranteed benefit from our courses, as they were all prepared to achieve specific goals.


You will be able to memorize and assimilate material better by combining learning and interactive exercises.

Our Book

Usage of English Tenses: In a simple & easy way

This is the perfect book for millions of people around the world who learn English and want to improve their speaking skills and be understood.

Knowledge of English tenses will help you to communicate and formulate your thoughts easily.

Usage of English Tenses book explains English Tenses and grammar in such a way that is clear and easy for everybody. The book will make sure you speak, write and understand English with confidence.

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